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A highly customizable keyboard macro recorder for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Keyboard macros on the Windows desktop are written in the form of shortcut. The format of the shortcut is very simple: a few letters or a couple of simple keystrokes.
Effective Desktop Apps proves to be the perfect software package for anyone who wants to record several keyboard shortcuts or set up one or more shortcuts for later execution, either on a timer or manually.
The program enables users to set up their own shortcuts, which are much easier to remember and quicker to execute than those hard to remember combinations.
Those new shortcuts will be automatically added into the standard Shortcuts.lnk (hidden) file on the desktop, which means that they will be available to the user in all applications and each time the user will start typing the relevant key sequence, the shortcut will start to work.
In case a key sequence is not available in the first place, Effective Desktop Apps will help the user to find the right combination.
The program is a freeware and it can be used to record the sequence of commands as many times as the user wishes. It has been tested on Windows 10 and it does not require any special update.
The installation process is quite simple and it will require approximately 5 MB of disk space, after the computer is restarted.
The user can activate it right away and start recording the shortcut in a couple of clicks, while the program can also be run in the background so that it does not interfere with the working flow.
A highly customizable clipboard manager for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Effective Desktop Apps includes a highly customizable clipboard manager, which means that users can copy and paste several items at once. It also comes with an integrated calculator, so that users can easily calculate money figures.
The program consists of a very simple, straightforward and clean interface and it allows for the configuration of a number of useful options, such as the size of the clipboard buffer, the number of items to be copied at once, the length of time the clipboard will remain active, the color theme, the color of the items copied, their transparency, size and position on the desktop.
Users can also customize the appearance of the items copied to the clipboard, including their font, size, text color and highlighting option.
The program is a freeware and it can be used for free on the same PC that runs the Rec.Soft Media Player. 70238732e0

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Verify Integrity and Authenticity of documents using Message Protector Software:
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