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Ampare STOF is a time management and scheduling utility which, as its name implies, helps you schedule and delay tasks for the later. It has a very simple and intuitive interface which makes the whole experience very easy. The interface of the application is however not…

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Ampare is a useful software development tool, designed to help you automate applications. Ampare enables you to schedule predefined tasks at a given date and time. The applications you schedule run automatically at the specified date and time when your PC is started, without your intervention. Ampare simplifies your life by freeing you from the task of starting applications manually.
Scheduling should be quick, simple and effective. Ampare is a perfectly developed application to do just that! Run any type of command line, open any type of file, use the mouse (even USB mouse) and close a process. Ampare is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Ampare STOF With License Key

Ampare STOF is a Desktop Scheduler. It’s a unique concept and offers a new look to your operating system.
The PC managing tool for your running programs, Ampare STOF is a complete solution that enables you to schedule different tasks and get accustomed to the modern ways of doing things.
With the help of Ampare STOF you can do anything, from the automatic execution of single tasks to the synchronization of multiple programs.
No matter what your schedule is, Ampare STOF will find a way to help you.
Schedule starts and stops any application, file, CMD, or even power off
Schedule applications, files, or any other command line
One click scheduling, starting of single task or synchronization of multiple tasks
Save time, when desktop icons does not look like a puzzle to you
Automatically build menu of applications and commands
Select if you want icon or no icon for desktop
Automatically kill stalled program (kill process not kill process)
Automatically close open application (icon of application)
Set top menus and notifications (click mouse to close application)
Icon and title of application visible on taskbar
Minimize the application to the system tray
Change background of the window to your favorite
You can setup schedules and alarms with Ampare STOF
Very light weight application
Multiple colors for windows and application taskbar
Supports Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT Server 2003 and other Windows-based operating systems.
Tested only on Windows 10
System requirements:
Version: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT Server 2003.
System: Microsoft Windows-based operating system.
Processor: Pentium IV, dual-core processor with 2 CPUs or higher.
Hard Disk: 1 GB of memory, 15 GB of available disk space.
Ampare STOF Screenshots:

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What’s New In Ampare STOF?

Pick up one of the activities you need, then click the clock to set a time to run. You can also program a schedule for other programs, the desktop, or just about any other event.
When you schedule it, the schedule will popup a window to let you choose which program to run. In this window, you can choose whether you want the program to be started right away, just when the clock reads the specified time, or if you want to wait for a text file or a specific program to be launched.
Ampare STOF alternative
Scheduled Task Manager is the Windows-managed application that lets you create and manage programs that run at scheduled times. This happens in a rather straightforward manner, allowing you to launch many different programs at different times and day.
You can also set different settings for each task so they run different command line tools, and you can program them to run specific tasks with a hotkey.
The application can also display the countdown time of when a task is scheduled to run along with a graph showing the current status. Sysinternals Ampps is the free software package that lets you schedule commands and launch applications with ease. It offers several features that users can take advantage of to utilize your machine to the fullest.
Ampare STOF price:
After installation, the application is available for $2.95 as a portable package or $37 for the full version.
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