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REGARDING DISCIPLINE (Check the appropriate box) The position of the FGFCMIO is one of unity on the "Fundamentals of faith" (Doctrines of Christ), with liberty in other areas. Should your views of the bible doctrine change so that you are in conflict with the generally accepted views of the FGFCMIO, or should your personal life and conduct come into question, would you be willing to meet with the officers of the FGFCMIO, or their designated representative in the matter, and if requested surrender your credentials?
Do you agree with the Constitution and Bylaws?
Do you agree with the Statement of Sovereignty?
Will you endeavor to be an active part of the FGFCMIO?
Application for : Commissioned is one aspiring to follow a specific calling to the Lord.
Application for: Ordained is the authority with God. Ordination should be done by a local church.
Application for: Licensed is the authority with the state. One should be licensed as least once a year prior to applying for ordination to prove his/her ministry.
"Each current member of the FGFCMIO will be required to send an offering each month equal to 1% of their current income."
Sponsoring Member:
Have you ever been charged with sexual, criminal or ethical misconduct? If you checked "Yes", send a letter of explanation.*
Having read the Constitution and By-Laws of the FGFCMIO, I do now declare that I am in accord with the principles, nature, and purpose of this Fellowship.
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