New Membership Application

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    • Why do you desire credentials with the FGFCMIO?
    • Commissioned is one aspiring to follow a specific calling to the Lord.Licensed is the authority with the state. One should be licensed at least one year prior to applying for ordination to prove his/her ministry.

      Ordained is the authority with God. Ordination should be done by a local church.

    • "Each current member of the FGFCMIO be required to send an offering each month equal to one percent (1%) of their current income beginning on January 1, 1988..."Please enclose with this application the Annual Membership dues of $150.00 U.S. dollars, or $250.00 for a husband and wife team.
      If you checked "Yes", send a letter of explanation.
    • If you checked "Yes", send a letter of explanation.Having read the Constitution and By-Laws of the FGFCMIO, I do now declare that I am in accord with the principles, nature and purpose of this Fellowship.