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Ashampoo Movie Menu is a powerful and fun application that lets you personalize your collection of digital media by creating colorful, fun and interactive DVD and Blu-ray disks menus. With this application, you can create home video and DVD collections that are both unique and inspiring.
Create Your Own DVD and Blu-ray Disks Menus
One of the best features of Ashampoo Movie Menu is the free design, which lets you create colorful and unique video and DVD menus. With one simple click, you can start designing your own customized menu and start personalizing your digital movies with brilliant images, videos and animations.
Create Home Video Collections
With Ashampoo Movie Menu, you can use one unique menu for your collection of videos, regardless of the file format. Create your collection by selecting the file types you wish to include. You can also select a background image, choose the video format and whether the video will be duplicated or not. Ashampoo Movie Menu will quickly make your home videos available as DVD or Blu-ray disks, ready for you to experience at your leisure.
Personalize Your Disks
Your very own home video collections are the result of your imagination and design choices. You can add text, select your favorite images, use your own favourite music, create your own menu artwork and start personalizing your disk collection.
Make an Impact on the World
In fact, you don’t have to stop there! Create your home videos with Ashampoo Movie Menu’s unique filters. Using innovative video filters, you can easily personalize videos by adding your favourite images and videos, adding highlights, features and making other videos even more fun. Use the background settings to make your home videos stand out and add more star value to any video by adding an animation. You can also choose from a wide selection of effects, making sure your home videos always remain in style.
Add Choice to Your Home Videos
Ashampoo Movie Menu lets you quickly add a choice function to your home videos. Select the files you wish to add a choice to and quickly choose from an extensive menu of choices.

What’s new in this version

Create DVD disks for CDs, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, AAC, MP2, OGG, MOV, and other file types using this updated version of Ashampoo’s most popular program, Ashampoo Burning Studio®.

Create menus for the disc and select your favorite style

Use a choice function to select files from the CD, DVD, and Blu-ray

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Ashampoo Movie Menu is a powerful application for creating menus for DVDs, Blu-ray or HD online videos. With a very user-friendly interface, you can create a personal DVD menu that looks great and gives an additional value to your videos.
Ashampoo Movie Menu Pros:
Newby FriendlyInterface No prior experience necessaryQuick Start Wizard-driven creation of non-interactive and interactive menusEasy to customizePersonalized lookProfessional looking menusVideo formats Supported: MTS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MP4, MXF,
Support for all major screen resolutions such as 480, 720, 1080 and many others.Easy to customize onMain Movie CanvasWorking with layouts, buttons, images, shapes and text.Multi-threadingEdit your projects in parallel with multiple projectsOpen dialogs and previews which can be resizedOpen dialogs and previews resizedGet an idea of your DVD menu form a preview in full screenPreviews can be rotated and re-arrangedSave locally or burn to optical mediaOutput to storage devices from your computer, directly from folders, or on any device using USB or iMediaShareCopy your DVD menu to your hard disk or network mediaShare the DVD menu you created as a link or ftp addressPortable DVD menusPersonalized lookProfessional looking menusMultiple customization options, that’s all you need!Easy to customize on Main Movie CanvasRich set of predefined, but also user-friendly objects to work with, from backgrounds, to buttons, to images, to textShapes, to rotated and re-arranged windows, to resize and other features, depending on your needs
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Ashampoo Movie Menu is a versatile program that lets you create both the menus and the actual videos for DVDs or Blu-rays. It includes a multitude of functions that you can fine tune using the app’s wizards. The utility can generate menus with your own chosen images, text, shapes, and even graphics, with an abundance of options to optimize your output. Create complex fun menus that add life to your movies.
This software is not affiliated with or endorsed by the respective companies unless otherwise stated. It is intended for educational purposes only.

Over the years, Ashampoo Design Suite has grown into a solid collection of interface designers, desktop publishing and page layout applications. The latest version sports improvements and bug fixes, including Visual Page Layout, a feature that lets you place images and text frames on a page.
Takes you into the world of design
With Ashampoo Design Suite 4, user interface design is not something that’s taken lightly. The software tackles both the look and feel of your interface with an extensive palette of high-quality options, and a handy spectrum of color and style.
Design your interface with the tools of choice
Not only do you have many high-quality screen design options at your disposal, but also tools that let you adjust things such as text, color, transparency, size, and position. What’s more, you can use the Print Preview to see the final result as you choose.
Massive sets of texture themes
Ashampoo Design Suite offers a large choice of texture themes, with over 1,000 possibilities available. However, should you need a more specific look for a specific interface, you can still customize it further.
Audio is always there
Ashampoo Design Suite goes the extra mile when it comes to audio effects. This includes a variety of separate audio track options for all media files, and an Audio Controller that lets you adjust sounds such as volume, pan, balance and more.
Before using any interface design program, you should have a look at the interface guidelines, which are in the Help menu.
Ashampoo Design Suite 4 Description:
Ashampoo Design Suite is a complete package for user interface design.

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What’s New in the?

Add fun elements to menus for DVDs and Blu-rays, and personalize playback of multimedia content.
Ashampoo movie menu is the perfect solution if you want to add a little flare to your multimedia viewing experience. While it is easy to use, it can be extremely powerful with plenty of options that can help you personalize your videos.
Support for all video formats as well as several codecs makes this program versatile. From simple video files to complex multimedia formats like M2TS and MPEG2, Ashampoo movie menu can handle just about anything.
Whether you want to create menus for your favorite DVD or Blu-ray, Ashampoo movie menu has you covered. Choose your devices and other options, whether it be for output, audio or video, and let Ashampoo movie menu take care of the rest. The process is very easy, as long as you have the video files imported and created.
Edit your menus in a variety of ways, such as adding custom images, text and shapes. Ashampoo movie menu even lets you incorporate video playback into your menus, allowing you to make your own custom jukebox.
In addition to customizing your menus, you can also create interesting titles for your discs. Ashampoo movie menu comes with a collection of templates that you can add to the canvas.
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System Requirements For Ashampoo Movie Menu:

Game requirements:
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