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The easiest way to navigate simultaneously with ANY web browser. With MCC you will surf the net using simultaneous instances of your web browser without any modification.
Open, close, maximize, minimize, restore, show, hide the windows one by one or in groups controlling those designed to be in the background or those which disable or hide the button “Close”.
In addition, MCC will open all the home pages you want automatically, at the beginning of your session. You will also be able to open defined groups of pages at any moment. Open and close all additional programs that you want, automatically (firewall, messenger, etc).
Let MCC do this automatically at the beginning or end of your session. Hide all the windows with a click on the “Bosses and children” button, preventing problems and indiscrete looks.
Add, erase and reorganize links in the URL favorite lists, easy to handle thanks to the tree structure. You will be able to import the Favorites from Internet Explorer and Bookmarks from Netscape.
Search for pages or groups of pages amongst your links by the search form. You will never ask yourself again “Where did I save this connection?” In some circumstances MCC will inform you about the existence of hidden windows, created by other applications, opening or closing them automatically, avoiding troyans or other programs use your browser to avoid your
Let MCC administer the programs that you usually use during your sessions in the net. You will be able to remove them from the start from your PC: saving resources and releasing memory. And more, much more…..







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It is a freeware, for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7. It does not appear in the Add or Remove Programs Programs control panel, you must run its executables.

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Ok some good news, none that I am aware of yet. If the
project for BeOS are indeed going to fly, it is possible that
you’d notice and notice that, in the interim we might have an
interface that’s not as user friendly as yours, but instead a
more “poweruser” oriented interface. And given that I am
fairly sure it was Wesley to come up with the original idea
it might have come from him.

The idea of one interface for all is actually good, because
I’ve observed that the desire to be a “power user”
is actually quite a motivation for some people and they
would not want the easy interface because they don’t
want to waste time on it.

It’s been 4 years without news on it, I don’t really expect
them to either, but somehow I think that would be a good
thing for now.

By the way, something that would have really helped on the
firewall administration would have been to be able to listen
for the “Protected from unauthorised access” dialog. This
should not happen, unless you are behind a firewall

Claus, I’ve been following the progress of ATS for the last
few years now, and was truly impressed with it when I
first saw it.

In the meantime you are probably aware of the

ATS MultiPage Control Center Crack + [April-2022]

ATS MultiPage Control Center (MCC) enables you to manage multiple web browsers (all supported browsers) on one PC as if you were using two web browsers on two PC’s. You can simultaneously open, close, or shut down multiple web browsers with one command. You can also manage multiple web browsers from a Web browser, FTP, or FTP session without leaving the PC.

With MCC you will surf the net using multiple instances of your web browser without any modification.

Highlights of MCC:

– Simultaneous web browser management. You can open, close, maximize, minimize, and display/hide any of the active web browsers.

– Simultaneous web browser management with any web browser. (Multiple browsers simultaneously managed.)

– Specify the open web browser positions.

– Multiple web browser management when browsing in FTP or FTP session.

– Management of open web browsers when browsing a remote FTP server.

– The most advanced management of open web browsers ever.

– Automatically control open, closed, minimized, and maximized windows with the “Bosses and children” button.

– Management of all open and closed web browsers and web browser components (forward/back buttons, search, home page, save page, search engines, favorites, etc.) without leaving the PC.

– Select your favorite and active web browser on each PC via FTP.

– Select any of your favorite web browser from FTP, FTP session, or as a Web site.

– Easily manage multiple memory, CPU, NIC, and disk resources.

– Home Page management. You can manage all your home pages at any moment.

– Resize and reorganize any of the active group of web browsers.

– Internet Explorer 6 on PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7 at the same time as Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 on other PCs.

– Advanced memory, CPU, and disk management (ex: cache folder, temp folder, registry, default browser, etc).

– Fast browser searching.

– Firewall management.

– Configuration wizards to make your browsing experience pleasant.

– Multilingual support.

Main features

You can manage any number of active web browsers using “Quick Start” mode.

You can manage any number of open web browsers from a Web browser, FTP, or FTP session without leaving the PC using “Automation” mode.

ATS MultiPage Control Center Crack + Free Download Latest

Multipage Control Center is a robust program which can handle almost all your needs in a web browser. With this application, you will be able to have:
You will be able to have a set of windows, which you can manipulate independently. They may be opened simultaneously.
You will be able to have two web browser windows opened.
You will be able to manage the tabs of one or several web pages.
You will be able to open new tabs.
You will be able to search in the web for pages or for groups of pages.
You will be able to manage your web favorites.
You will be able to open links or groups of links from internet explorer favorites, Netscape Bookmarks or multiple links saved with your web browser.
You will be able to show or hide all the windows of your web browser as you prefer.
You will be able to save a copy of each web page you visit to a folder you create. You will be able to easily browse the new pages you added with the List.
You will be able to share a subset of your pages to another user.
You will be able to open another web browser.
You will be able to record a copy of the pages you visit in a playlist.
If you want to register MCC you can do it now, for free. Simply follow the link in the next lines.

The Necessary information to register and download Multipage Control Center can be found on the website is:

Disclaimer: The publisher of this creation is not responsible for other users’ actions.
It should be used only for your own purposes, with no intent of re-distributing it.

About provides you the means to freely share software without cost or obligation. If you like to copyright material and want to make sure others can’t use it without your permission, please consider the following:

1 – Check the Copyright Information:
Before downloading, you must identify where the work was created, who created it, and who is the legal copyright holder.

2 – Evaluate the Software:
Before downloading, it is important to determine whether or not the software is appropriate for your needs, and you are planning on using it on your system. You should evaluate the product on your own with no advice, recommendations, or comments from the authors or creators of the software.

3 – Download

What’s New in the?

Access to the Internet is just a click away. With MCC, you will surf the Internet simultaneously using up to 10 instances of your web browser at the same time without any modification.
The windows are transparent and all your web pages will be shown simultaneously. You will be able to close, minimize, maximize or restore them at any moment.
You can even include the image of any logo on each window.
Move one of the windows, always with a double click on its title bar. Change the coordinates, the size, the color or the transparency.
The windows can be independently executed. They are usually created automatically at the beginning of your sessions. You will be able to open or close the windows manually.
You can easily use your favorite website, making the browser navigate them automatically.
You can keep a page, a group of pages or even a long list of pages open at any moment, just by using the forward and back button in the browser. It is a true hyperlink tool with a real-time tree structure, and it is very easy to navigate.
You can easily export all your favorite websites and web pages, with just one click.
You will be able to organize links (URLs) and sublinks in groups using the tree structure. They can then be arranged easily, sorted and filtered.
The search form makes it easy to find a specific page or a subfolder of pages amongst your favorites.
Sorting, deleting, hiding, unhiding, reorganizing and classifying your favorites.
Configure the size of the window, the window color and the transparency when displaying the windows, the buttons, the elements, the font, etc. Any option in the program is configurable, either globally or per window.
Create unlimited favorites and you will never ask yourself again “where did I save this connection?” In some circumstances MCC will alert you of the existence of a hidden window, created by another application which may be using your browser to avoid your firewall or to try to open a banned site.
Let MCC administer all the programs you usually use during your Internet sessions: Applications, Tools, DeskTop, Windows, Taskbar, etc.
It is now very easy to remove applications that are running or have been opened during your sessions. All of them can be removed with one click. A list of all applications can be easily viewed with a double click on the “Start from the beginning” button, releasing memory. The programs and

System Requirements For ATS MultiPage Control Center:


Mac OS
Windows 10
or later
Mac OS X 10.10
x86-64 processor with SSE2 support
Software Rendering:
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz or better
Hard Disk: