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AutoCAD 2016.

AutoCAD has found widespread use in architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. AutoCAD also has used in graphic design, mechanical design, architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, landscape architecture, and furniture design.

There is a large number of available AutoCAD add-on products.

AutoCAD is now owned by Autodesk Inc., which is based in San Rafael, California, U.S.


AutoCAD 1.0 was released in 1987. The first version was programmed using an Intel 8086 processor with a bitmap display, and ran on DOS 1.2 or MS-DOS 5.0. The first version ran on a KDM/4 monitor and a 256×192 display using a Zorro III operating system on a 4.77-MHz Intel 80386 processor.

Version 2 was released in 1989 and uses a 16-bit display driver on a PC running MS-DOS 2.0, with a vector display using the PC-style Bresenham algorithm. Version 2 is a 32-bit program that requires Microsoft Windows 3.x or Windows NT. The program was designed to be run using a 16-bit DOS-style graphical user interface (GUI) on a 386 or 486 processor. AutoCAD’s internal architecture was rewritten using C programming language, enabling the program to run on a 386 processor. Version 3 is a 32-bit application and requires the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, or later. The program can use a 128×256 monitor. AutoCAD 3 introduced 2D tiled windows, allowing the user to lay out several 2D drawings at the same time. 2D tiling could be done using the scroll bars or by dragging to the edge of the screen. A permanent menu bar across the top of the screen displays many commands and menus for the user.

Version 3 required the use of a high-resolution graphics display adapter and a high-resolution monitor. Version 3 has been marketed as being the program to use for architectural and engineering work. The limitations of the old display system were removed, and the program was able to operate on low-resolution display devices. A new feature was the ability to create multi-plan drawings, such as in-plan and cross-sections. An automatic command was added to set up a command line and insert editing commands into the command line. The command line could be tailored to the user’s needs, and the

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IP addresses
Many of AutoCAD’s features can be remotely accessed over the Internet using a web browser through its Internet page. An example of this is using Dynamic Link Library (DLL) functions to provide remote access to a dialog box within the drawing environment or the use of remote viewing programs such as Adobe Acrobat or PDF Stream. Web browser-based access also allows all Autodesk products to be accessed and updated from any computer or mobile device.


AutoCAD is published under the terms of the permissive BSD license. The BSD license is intended for software and other work that is intended to be used and shared freely. This differs from the GNU General Public License, which is intended to ensure that the author’s rights are preserved, and that the work remains freely available to the public.

Command syntax
There are many command-line options available to the user to control the program, including the view window, keystroke-shortcut options and the display of all features. A number of optional command-line arguments can also be passed to AutoCAD. A list of the default and optional arguments is shown below:
autocad /?
This command option lists the features that are available when AutoCAD is started. The following command line options are shown:

/enu /?
This command option displays all the command-line options in the form of a short form help message. The following command line options are shown:

/un /?
This command option displays all the command-line options in the form of a short form help message. The following command line options are shown:

This command option executes the current drawing file. It is typically used to open a file before drawing it.

This command option displays the default parameters of the currently active drawing. The following command line options are shown:

This command option locks the drawing so that only one user at a time can edit the drawing. The following command line options are shown:

This command option unlocks a locked drawing. The following command line options are shown:

This command option displays a list of available printers. The following command line options are shown:

This command option disables most user interface elements. The following command line options are shown:

This command option

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Strap-on Drawings:

Draw and update entire parts directly on the sheet using a combination of automatic and manual drawing. (video: 5:12 min.)

PowerPoint Viewer:

Import PowerPoint® presentations and view them as a series of drawings, providing a natural workflow for collaboration. (video: 2:30 min.)

3D Visuals and Measurements:

Add 3D visuals to your drawings and measure objects with direct support for text, dimension lines, and text. (video: 1:54 min.)

Assist Users with Complex Drawings:

Correct errors with automatic suggestions, and quickly send improvements and edits back to your drawing. (video: 3:24 min.)

Reverse Engineering:

Take advantage of the power of the cloud to reverse-engineer information from different sources and display it on your drawing in a view that is easy to understand. (video: 6:05 min.)


Reverse-engineer data from the cloud into the AutoCAD file, and keep that data in sync with the drawing itself.

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New applications will be available starting Jan. 22.


Markup Import and Markup Assist

Rapidly send and incorporate feedback from printed paper or PDFs and automatically add changes to your drawings without additional drawing steps. Using marking features in your drawing, you can quickly attach text, arrows, and other annotations directly to your design. Receive feedback and automatically incorporate it into the drawing.

With markup import, you can load and attach an annotation from a paper document or PDF document and markup it to improve your design. Use existing markup (text and arrows) to transfer your annotations directly to the drawings. You can import symbols and text from a wide range of files, including printouts, PDFs, and presentation slides.

Markup import is part of AutoCAD 2023.

Strap-on Drawings

Save time and deliver products faster by easily editing and updating designs without having to leave the drawing.

A combination of automatic and manual drawing makes it easy to create rapid drawings and update them without additional steps.

For example, with a designated strap-on drawing, you can create an entire design

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 64bit (Windows Vista requires a Minimum of 4GB)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 or higher
Memory: 8GB (System Requirements:Windows 7 / Windows 8 64bit (Windows Vista requires a Minimum of 4GB)Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 or higherMemory: 8GB (1) Microsoft Office 2007 or higher with Multi-Monitor Support (2) Additional Windows Installation media
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! / Audigy 2 Z