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How to pass the file path as a parameter in ssis file output

I have a ssis package which have an output to file.
I have a environment variable name called @FolderLocation and I want to use this variable value in the parameter @Path.
I did this in the ssis file output/properties/Parameters/Parameters.
@{“Path” = “%_UserProfile%\Desktop\TTTTTTTT.txt”;
“FolderLocation” = “C:\Users\tss\Desktop”;}

I am getting an error that says

The variable “Path” is not declared.

Any help is appreciated.


No. You cannot pass environment variables to file output. You need to use script task to do this. Note that the text between ; is a comment and it is ignored.
Create a new variable (in your case @FolderLocation) in the script task. Add the following script to the Script Task Editor.
@”%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\ScriptDom.exe” /language:C# /define:”System.String” /reference:”mscorlib.dll,System.Core.dll,System.Data.dll,System.Xml.dll,System.Xml.Linq.dll,System.Data.SqlClient.dll,System.Data.SqlTypes.dll,System.Data.SqlXml.dll”

function GetFileNameFromFolder(const FolderPath: String): String;
ExeName: String = ‘System.String’;
Result := FolderPath;
if EndPath(Result) = ” then
Result := TrimEnd(Result,”);
if Pos(”, Result) > 0 then
Result := Trim(Result, ”);

Dts.Variables[‘User::FolderLocation’].Value := GetFileNameFromFolder(CurrentRow.FS);

Then add this script task to the control flow of your package.

the number of most highly expressed genes for each

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