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Since more and more smartphones are launched every month, one could say that they have become quite important devices when it comes to work projects or school assignments, since most of them can also be used as portable storage devices. There are also some applications than can synchronize a folder from the PC with one on the phone, such as Cheetah Sync.
After you install the corresponding apps on your computer and on your Android phone, you need to make sure the handset detects the PC and that it can establish a successful connection.
At this point, all the steps are pretty straightforward as you simply need to work with your phone, while leaving the desktop application up and running. You will need to select a folder from your computer and another one from the handset, then assign a newly-created task a name.
The contents of the selected folders will be synchronized with ease, so as to make sure that all your computer files will also be transferred to your Android phone, and vice versa.
The benefit of Cheetah Sync is that you need to create the task once, then you only need to sync it from your phone. In other words, you will not need to create this sync job whenever you want to backup your files and keep them in sync.
All in all, Cheetah Sync was created to be as intuitive as possible, as you do not need to set up any complicated settings on your PC – you only need to connect a bluetooth dongle to the computer, but if you are using a laptop, it is probably already bluetooth-enabled.
On the downside, the functionality of Cheetah Sync is only available for Android phones, so if you are running a different operating system on your device, you will need to look for a different software solution.









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Cheetah Sync allows you to get quick access to a variety of files and folders. You can also organize your own projects, and be confident that all information is backed up safely.

Cheetah Sync is really a clever application, since it can be used to sync not only folders from your computer with ones from your smartphone, but also to keep the same content on both devices.

Download Cheetah Sync for Android:

Cheetah Sync works with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, but unfortunately it is only compatible with some Android phones (1.6 upwards), therefore, you need to ensure that your smartphone can run it.

Cheetah Sync (3)
This little but powerful application will not only backup your files and folders, but it can also sync them across multiple devices, thus protecting your work or school project.

StoragePlace (
StoragePlace is an application that can be used to access all the files, folders, and even apps on your Android phone.

StoragePlace is a very interesting app, as it allows you to access your data across multiple devices. In order to achieve this, you will need to connect the application to a folder located on your computer, and a newly-created one on your smartphone.

There is also the option of accessing your files from different android devices, or even from the web.

After you set it up, you will need to enter the credentials of the devices you want to sync, so that you have the access to the folder that was chosen to store your files.

On top of the file management capabilities, the application allows you to work with the task manager, so you can easily terminate jobs that are running on your device.

Like CheetahSync, StoragePlace can be used by Mac and Windows users to back up all the data they want.


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Cheetah Sync Crack Activation Key For Windows

Sync folders and files between phone and PC with the use of Android devices, via Bluetooth.

With Cheetah Sync you will be able to keep up to 10 folders on your phone synchronized with the same folder on the computer.

Sync favorites and contacts is also supported and also works via Bluetooth.

A task can be named and assigned a label in order to keep track of files easier.

Contact maps and maps are also supported with Cheetah Sync, in case you like to interact with your surroundings.

Sync files of files with the use of Android phones, via Bluetooth.

The Cheetah Sync application can easily be installed on both Windows and Mac.

Cheetah Sync Features:

One hundred percent of work and play files supported

Create or edit folders or any file stored on the phone, via Bluetooth

Initiate a command on the phone at any time – execute a particular task

Use the “Sync Now” feature to keep files and folders synchronized on the phone and the computer, via Bluetooth

Create a task and assign a name to it, in order to organize your files and keep track of them easier

Adjust the look and feel of the mobile interface

Equipment and Requirements:

You will need a laptop or desktop computer running Windows XP / 7 or Mac OS X.

A Bluetooth dongle.

You will also need an Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 support. The smartphone may be an iPhone, HTC or a Samsung model.

How to Install Cheetah Sync:

It is relatively easy to install Cheetah Sync, there is just a matter of downloading the software application, and then following the installation steps when it comes to enabling the Bluetooth connection between your device and the PC.

Cheetah Sync Free Download

Here is a link to where you can download Cheetah Sync for free:

Cheetah Sync Review

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Download App Now

Cheetah Sync is available for download from the Google Play Store. The latest version of the app as of this writing is 1.9. It was released on. You can also view the changelog below to see what was added in this version.

Cheetah Sync 1.9 Changelog


Improved the user interface

Added some new songs

Fix for some problems

Cheetah Sync Activation Code With Keygen

Looking for an app to sync contacts, files and calendars? Cheetah Sync is one of the most powerful sync tools for Android phones with PC and you can use it to back up your contacts, calendars and files in sync.
Cheetah Sync is a simple and user-friendly back up software that lets you backup your android device to PC as well as PC to your device.
1. Sync Contacts: – Create new task by selecting a contact or group of contacts from your phone memory or your PC Contacts List.
2. Sync files: – Create new task by selecting a folder or file on your PC.
3. Sync Calendars: – Create new task by selecting a calendar from your device or your PC.
4. All features are optional.

To check out the full description and reviews of Cheetah Sync for Windows, please visit the link below.

I have posted this collection because I’ve found some cool apps which are definitely worth trying. I had some stuff to try out before I had my phone again, so I’ve gathered some of my favourites.

The IronWedge – total privacy

The IronWedge is a new shopping app that allows you to use your credit card when shopping online. There are some absolutely good features about the app, like the fact that you can pay for the whole order at once, and the fact that they require no personal details (like your address or credit card number). Also, the app is very simple to use and there’s a free version where you will get the same features as the paid version, but you need to enter your credit card number or a code.

The app is currently in the Beta phase, but you can already try it for free.


Fez is a cool new app for Android phones that enables you to have multiple backgrounds, and the ability to use your own background on all the major apps, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and most of the Google apps. The app is not freeware, but you need to make sure to have the correct version in order to use it.

The app allows you to set a different wallpaper in the emulator and it can be changed while you are using the apps. Fez, however, supports iOS as well, so if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can try it.

Fool’s Gold for Android

Fool’s Gold is a cool new app for Android phones that

What’s New in the Cheetah Sync?

Cheetah Sync is an application for Android smartphones that lets you easily synchronize folders on your phone with a particular folder on your PC. You can backup or store files and folders from your phone in a specific folder on your computer, which will keep them safe and can be easily accessed.
How to setup Cheetah Sync:
The installation process of Cheetah Sync is pretty straightforward. Firstly, you need to download the app from the Google Play Store, then you need to pair your phone with your computer using a bluetooth dongle that you already have or one that you can buy online.
Once the connection is successful, the app will open automatically and display all the files and folders on your phone which you want to sync with your computer. In order to enable the synchronization, just tap on the newly created sync task.
You need to assign a name for your newly created sync task, then select one of the folders from the computer. Once you have done this, the application will start synchronizing the contents between both devices.
It’s recommended that you select a folder that is already open in your PC or that is the one you will use most frequently. You can also select a common folder you use to backup or save files and folders. This is also where you want to store your important files.
The default option is to keep the files you have selected in the current folder, so the user will not have to make additional changes for each newly synchronized folder.
The application will not let you modify the sync job for now, since it will let you select a folder from the PC, and then assign it a name.
Cheetah Sync Pros:
Cheetah Sync Pros:
Cheetah Sync is the best application for Android smartphones to synchronize folders on your device with a specific folder on your PC, so you can keep your data safe. You can also synchronize the entire content of the phone with a specific folder in your PC.
Cheetah Sync Cons:
Cheetah Sync Cons:
Cheetah Sync is not compatible with Windows 10 and later versions.
Cheetah Sync Alternative:
As stated earlier, Cheetah Sync is not compatible with Windows 10 and later versions, so if your computer is running that version of the operating system, you can always look for an alternative application. A few of those applications can be found on the Play Store, so if you are running an Android version lower than 4.3, you will be able to use

System Requirements:

Last updated: August 9, 2019

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