Confidential Reference for Ministerial Credentials

I have known, Applicants Name:*
for a period of how many years?*
I have know the applicant as a:
The relationship is:
To the Best of my knowledge and judgment the applicant is: (Please check one; Excellent, Good, or Poor for each of the statements below.)
In Christian life and testimony:*
In ability to minister:*
In conduct and moral attitude:*
In emotional stability:*
In accepting responsibility:
In meeting financial obligations:
In personal appearance:
In family relationships:
In physcial fitness:
In your opinion does the applicant exhibit a "call" to the ministry?
What Ministerial reconigition do you suggest the applicant to receive?
Any other information which you feel will be of help to us would be greatly appreciated.
Would you recommend the applicant for membership to the Full Gospel Fellowship without reservation?