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1.Press SHIFT+F9 to activate the FlashBack from the PowerPoint menu.
2.Press ENTER to activate the FlashBack add-in. The FlashBack add-in will activate and slide out automatically from the right side panel of PowerPoint.
3.Click the “Movie” button to open the Initialize dialog window.
4.To rewind the Flash movie automatically, click the “Rewind” button.
5.To play the rewound Flash movie, click the “Play” button.
6.To rewind the Flash movie manually, click the “Manual Rewind” button.
7.To play the rewound movie, click the “Play” button.
8.To play the Flash movie from the point of the movie that was last played manually, click the “Play from End” button.
To restore the last Flash movie playing position, click the “Restore from Last Play” button.
To clear the Flash movie play list, click the “Clear List” button.
To view the Flash movie play list, click the “Show List” button.
9.Click the OK button to close the Initialize dialog window and close the FlashBack add-in.

LightScribe DVD & CD Writer lets you create a custom DVD or CD from your existing documents, presentations or images using its DVD record and CD record functions.
You can create DVDs that are compatible with regular DVD players, record CDs that are compatible with regular CD players, or both.
By creating a DVD or CD, you can protect your data and share them easily.
Using LightScribe, you can create a DVD or CD on-the-fly without the need for an external video editing program.
KEYMACRO Description:
1.To open the DVD or CD record window, press the F3 key.
2.Select the “Play” icon to play the movie, the “Pause” icon to pause the movie, or the “Rewind” icon to rewind the movie.
3.Select the “Record” icon to record the movie or the “Stop” icon to stop the movie.
4.To record a DVD, select the “Create a DVD with” icon.
5.To record a CD, select the “Create a CD with” icon.
6.The DVD or CD record list window will display the current DVD or CD recording list. To select the DVD or CD to be recorded, drag and 4f8c9c8613

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KEYMACRO – language element which is used to define the dialog for users of other language. It is used for example for the warning messages and for the text in the OK and CANCEL fields in the dialogs.

Language Localizator allows to localize any files, which are properly structured and there is written a suitable module for its localization.
This way it is possible to localize files designated for other operating system, if they can be transferred to the MS Windows environment.
Program including basic modules is written in Borland Delphi environment. Previous versions were designated above all for localization of programs written in Delphi.
However in this version it is possible to write additional modules in any programming language, which supports COM technology. In its principle it allows to localize practically anything.
KEYMACRO Description:
KEYMACRO – language element which is used to define the dialog for users of other language. It is used for example for the warning messages and for the text in the OK and CANCEL fields in the dialogs.Heat shock protein-70 is increased in myocardial cells and cultured neonatal rat ventricular myocytes after hypoxia.
We investigated whether heat shock protein-70 (HSP70) is produced in the myocardium after acute hypoxia, and examined whether HSP70 is involved in hypoxic responses in the myocardium. The immunostaining of HSP70 was localized in both the cytoplasm and the nucleus of myocardial cells, and was observed to increase after hypoxia. HSP70 production was also observed in cultured neonatal rat ventricular myocytes treated with 10% or 0.5% oxygen, with a maximal increase of up to 3.5-fold at 3 h. Hypoxia in the culture medium was shown to induce HSP70 production in a time-dependent manner. These results suggest that hypoxia may increase HSP70 production in the myocardium, which may represent a cytoprotective response of the myocardium.This invention relates to an indexing system for improved indexing and retrieval of articles and, in particular, to a document retention system that stores at least two indexes to enable both long term and short term retention of documents that can be easily updated.
With increased volume of documents, it is difficult to index and find a particular document quickly. In the prior art, documents are maintained on cards or inserts that are filed in a vertical file. These inserts