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Dr Assignment Academic Researcher Crack

Dr Assignment Academic Researcher is a useful and reliable piece of software that enables you to perform automatic searches on various topics, retrieving articles for you to use as source material in writing your paper.

When you need to write an essay, you most likely resort to one of the popular search engines for articles and books on the subject. Yet, many times not all of the returned results are useful, because while the searches retrieve the popular items, they might not apply to academic writing, as they are blogs or news articles that are not always trustworthy.
Dr Assignment Academic Researcher works by using the keyword you input and looks through numerous online sources, returning countless journal articles that are not only popular but also reliable. This way, you never have to dive into the ocean of results offered by Google, Yahoo! or Bing, in the attempt to find something you can use.
All the data that Dr Assignment Academic Researcher is able to find is displayed in its main window, under various titles. By pressing on the ‘+’ button, the contents of the article are revealed, listing the number of words for each paragraph and also featuring the URL address where the application got the information from, making it easy for you to properly reference it in your academic paper. When you click on the link, you will be taken directly to the source of the article.
The program allows you to easily copy one or more paragraphs so you can paste them in your assignment to use as citation or in order to rephrase the sentences and appropriate the ideas they render, integrating them into your own work.
To summarize, Dr Assignment Academic Researcher is a helpful application that spares you valuable time and effort by quickly locating information sources for your essays, making it possible for you to work more productively.

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