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This is a tool that allows you to create Customizable Macros.
What’s new in this version
Version 3.4.0: Fixed issue with device combobox in main window (issue with new Macros, after adding a new Macro)
Version 3.3.0: Added new Macros: “URL Command to open with default browser” and “Insert Directly from clipboard”
Version 3.2.0: Corrected all textboxes (issue with clipboard and URL Macros)
Version 3.1.0: New Macro: “Send Mail with custom subject and text”
Version 3.0.0: New Macro: “Send Mail with custom subject and text”
Version 2.3.1: Fixed issue with macro description (when macro was disabled)
Version 2.3.0: Added new Macros: “Send Mail with custom subject and text” and “Insert Directly from clipboard”
Version 2.2.0: Fixed issue with “Macro Recorder” menu, where certain commands were not visible (issue with some of the new Macros)
Version 2.1.0: New Macro: “Insert Text From Clipboard”
Version 2.0.0: New Macro: “Open File From Clipboard”
Version 1.2.1: Minor textfixes
Version 1.2.0: New Macro: “Saveset Now”
Version 1.1.1: New Macro: “URL Command to open with default browser”
Version 1.1.0: New Macro: “Saveset Now”
Version 1.0.0: First release

I was a big fan of Microsoft’s Windows Live messenger until I found that they just closed it down.
In their defence they say that they are developing a new messenger. I say that they could’ve at least left the old one around and given us the option of keeping it.
Microsoft could really show some respect to the users of their software, they don’t just go away and leave their customers stranded.
That said I found a similar client called “Skype” which I’m very happy with.
Skype is free for Internet users.
I have tried other VoIP software but none of them are as easy to use and have as many features as Skype.
When I first downloaded and tried it out I thought that the program would be some kind of spyware since it would collect information about all 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is an advanced keyboard macro manager to create and maintain keyboard macro sequences. It can store multiple macro sequences for different actions and assign the keyboard shortcut keys to them. So you can create keyboard macros to automate your PC operation.
KeyMacro is different from other keyboard macro program, such as AutoHotKey, because it can:
Store a sequence of commands in a single macro, including the conditions for execution, modifiers, repeat count and so on.
Lists of keywords and commands can be added to the macro automatically by KeyMacro, and its keywords can be improved.
Support for hotkeys. KeyMacro is the only macro program that can record hotkey as macro commands.
Simultaneous recording, editing and editing commands, hotkeys. KeyMacro supports simultaneous recording, editing and editing commands. And it is convenient to edit, re-edit and edit commands of hotkeys, which makes KeyMacro is a suitable keyboard macro program.
Support complex modifier key. KeyMacro supports complex modifier keys, including “Shift”, “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Win”, etc.
Support the command line. By using a command line, you can add sub-commands to macros, like create a new file in the dir, append a file, change the current dir, etc.
Support function when creating macros. When creating macros, you can specify the function of macro in the options of macros. For example, “only the upper line of the text”.
Add custom commands or keywords to macros. With this feature, you can add custom commands or keywords to macros, which are convenient to edit keywords of macros.
Easy to edit macros. When editing macros, you can save as many macros with one session, or save a macro sequence as a macro. The editor is simple and easy to use.
Support update automation of macros. With a simple code, you can update macros and settings of the program, including macro sequences, keywords of macros, default menu, default keymapping, and default hotkey.
Advanced filtering mode. This function will be added to make it easier for users to quickly find macros for specific types.
Support export and import. You can export macros in XML format and import macros into KeyMacro. This feature makes it easy for users to share macros.
Support function list of all macros and commands. This function will be added to show all functions of macros and commands in the KeyMacro system tray.
System Requirements: