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McAfee WebAdvisor is a neat application with a nifty interface that makes the task of browsing the web easier than ever. It provides multiple tools for making sure you’re safe on the web, letting you choose among various levels of protection.

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What’s New In?

McAfee WebAdvisor (formerly “WebExpert” and “Internet Security”) is a program for Internet safety. It assists in monitoring your web surfing activities and keeps you informed about what you should be careful about. It features a list of your most used sites, a password-protection, a reading list, an option to prevent automatic downloads, an option to automatically notify you when potentially dangerous sites are visited, the possibility to disable the registration of your IP address, and many more features. McAfee WebAdvisor can also be used as a backup solution.

McAfee WebAdvisor is a complete program that acts as a security tool for your PC, regardless of the kind of operating system it is running on. It does not interfere with any of your existing software and you can run it on any PC, whether it is Windows, Mac OS X or a Linux system. You can view the activity on the computer you are connected to (web or email) or create a log file of your activities in case you want to do more than just browse the web safely. In addition, McAfee WebAdvisor can use your existing antivirus software to help protect your system, so it can stay out of the way while doing its job. McAfee WebAdvisor is available as a standalone application as well as a tool for your favorite web browser.
Today’s review is of the stand-alone version of McAfee WebAdvisor.
The first thing you see when you run McAfee WebAdvisor is a simple interface where the top part contains the web browser’s window while the bottom part contains a bar that gives you some basic information about McAfee WebAdvisor itself.
You will find the option to enable or disable McAfee WebAdvisor in the Control Panel. If you enable it, you will be prompted to accept a license agreement. After you click OK, McAfee WebAdvisor will start and you will be presented with a small welcome screen where you can learn how to use the application.
McAfee WebAdvisor will not interfere with your web surfing activity, but it will give you a few safety tips before you browse the web. First, you can set up a list of sites that you trust. You can do this by clicking Add Sites. McAfee WebAdvisor will then check whether the address you entered matches with a site that you trust. If the site matches, McAfee WebAdvisor will add it to your list of trusted sites, and if it doesn’t, it will warn you. You can add the same site multiple times, and you can remove them if they are not trusted sites.
For every site that is not trusted, you can set McAfee WebAdvisor to warn you whenever you visit it. To do this, click Enable Warnings, and McAfee WebAdvisor will start giving you warnings. You can disable the warnings by clicking Disable Warnings.
If McAfee WebAdvisor detects a potentially

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