Membership information

If you desire to become a member of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International of Oregon Inc., there is a packet that can be sent to you that contains the following:

Ministerial Application
Confidential Reference Form
Why another one
Missions Reports
Statement of Sovereignty
Seven Advantages

After reading the material, if you are in agreement with our goals and share our vision, please fill out the application form. You will need a member of the FGFCMIO to sponsor you and fill out the Confidential Reference Form. If you do not know a current member to sponsor you, please use the contact page and explain your situation. The office will direct a member to contact you.

Please return the completed Application and Confidential Reference Form to the office and they will be processed through our reviewing board. This committee process normally requires six weeks.

Or you can read the information provided on the web site and fill out an application form on line. Then click the “submit” link at the bottom of the form and it will come to the office for processing.

Upon acceptance, the necessary papers and credential card will be sent to you.

There is an annual $150.00 membership fee or a discounted fee of $250.00 for a husband and wife team (please make a copy of the application and the reference form for the spouse). Also each current member is required to send an offering each month equal to one percent (1%) of their current income.

Thank you for your consideration

Leon C Willis