Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK 14.0.835.187 For Windows

Many of us handle numerous JPG images and PDF files on a daily basis, as these formats ofter many advantages when compared to the available alternatives. Given their popularity, a JPEG to PDF conversion utility may be a good thing to have at hand.

Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK does not enable you to perform conversions outright, but it allows developers to build applications that offer this functionality, as well as enhance existing programs.
Programs created with the help of this component will make it possible for users to convert JPEG images to separate PDF files, as well as merge all the source pictures into a single document.
Additionally, it is possible to apply watermarks to the generated files, insert metadata and create bookmarks, as well as protect the documents with a password.
Moreover, Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK permits the alteration of several parameters related to the output PDF files, such as the DPI value, and restrictions can be applied to prevent users from editing, copying or printing content.
Those who wish to see what the development kit has to offer can take advantage of the example applications that are included in the downloadable archive. These allow you to convert a set of sample images to the PDF format, as well as merge them into one file.







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Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK is a powerful software tool that allows you to create high-quality PDF documents. It will extract text, graphics and even images from JPG files, and include them in the document. Additionally, it is possible to merge the resulting file into a single PDF document or export its pages to other formats, such as JPG or PDF files.
This component will take into account the original content of the original document and rearrange it appropriately, before applying each page as a separate PDF file.
Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK is easy to install and operate. Its interface can be used with Windows, while the plugin is also capable of functioning on Mac OS X systems.
Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK supports all the important Windows and Mac OS X APIs, and you can modify the output files in any manner, as desired.
This component of the Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK is freeware, whereas the developer offers a suite of advanced features at a low cost. Besides Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK, you will get Mgosoft PDF Editor that can be utilized to modify PDF files after they have been created. With its help, you will be able to crop, optimize and edit the content of the PDF document as desired.
Other practical applications include Mgosoft PDF Splitter, Mgosoft PDF Merger, and Mgosoft PDF Converter Pro that will allow users to convert PDF files to other formats, remove metadata, apply watermarks and add bookmarks to PDF files.
It is also worth noting that Mgosoft PDF Splitter can create thumbnails of PDF pages, as well as extract text and graphics from them, and extract all the available content into separate files, as desired.
Additionally, it is possible to change the text, graphics and images in documents to suit your needs. Mgosoft PDF Splitter can also combine PDF documents of various types, such as documents, forms, notes, journals or ebooks. This component of the Mgosoft PDF SDK is free of charge, although there is a paid version, which comes with enhanced functionality.
Mgosoft PDF Splitter Description:
Mgosoft PDF Splitter is a popular utility for PDF editing and conversion. It is a very powerful and versatile program that allows you to merge separate PDF files, split PDF files into multiple individual files, and extract content from them.
Furthermore, this component of the Mg

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Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK Download

The following features have been designed in Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK:
– Color conversion: the SDK will enable users to convert the colors of JPG images to PDF files.
– Pages: users may create a batch document by merging several separate JPEG files into one single document.
– Image properties: users may change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of their images.
– Image format: the component’s core functionality will allow you to convert and merge JPG images into PDF files.
– Thumbnails: users will be able to see the thumbnails of the source image before conversion.
– Advanced options: advanced settings can be enabled and disabled through the SDK’s interface.
– Elements: the software’s interface is based around the use of element models, which are composed of a series of pre-defined settings.
– Bookmarks: bookmarks can be inserted into a PDF document.
– Documents: PDF documents are saved directly to disk or to the web.
– Metadata: metadata can be added to the final output, which is then displayed as a PDF file.
– Watermarks: users may create watermarks, which are then applied to the PDF file.
– Settings: users may set the program to operate in a visible or invisible mode.
– Password protection: users may protect the output PDF files with a password.
– Printing options: users may choose to prevent output files from being printed or shown as a preview.
– Protection: the integrity and security of the input files can be protected with digital rights management (DRM).
– User interface: the program’s interface can be accessed with a single mouse click.
– Metadata: users can add and edit metadata for the final output.
– Data compression: the Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK will be able to apply various compression values to the input files.
– Properties: the user may set up the DPI value in the final PDF document.
Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK is a free, Open Source application distributed under the GNU General Public License.# Miniz-Windows32

Miniz is a cross-platform C/C++ library that is small, fast, lightweight, highly portable, memory-efficient, and is format-agnostic.

[![Build Status](

What’s New In Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK?

This software will convert your JPEG images into separate PDF files. To enhance existing programs, as well as create your own, you can add this component to your project. You will be able to convert multiple JPEG files, as well as merge images into one final document.
You will be able to use bookmarks, apply watermarks, as well as protect the generated PDF files with a password. The application can work with several document formats, including.doc,.docx,.rtf,.txt,.xls,.xlsx, as well as.ppt.
Advantages of Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK
* It can handle various JPG files and PDF documents
* Enables developers to create applications that offer this functionality
* Can be integrated into existing programs
* Can be used for various types of documents
* Has an example application included
* Can be used with.doc,.docx,.rtf,.txt,.xls,.xlsx, as well as.ppt file formats
* Can be used with local files
* Can be integrated into applications developed in Visual Studio, Eclipse, and NetBeans
* Has a simple and easy-to-use interface
* Can be integrated into other applications, such as MS Office
* Permits all users to convert their own images as well as merge them into one final file
* Has an option to save the output file with all the added properties
* Enables users to edit content and modify parameters, such as watermarks, passwords and bookmarks
* Enables developers to work with watermarks, add metadata, as well as change the DPI value
* Has a help file included
* Allows users to change the viewing and printing settings of the documents
* Supports the.doc,.docx,.rtf,.txt,.xls,.xlsx, as well as.ppt file formats
* Permits developers to make use of the properties of the saved files, as well as change the settings using the GDI API
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK Requirements:
· Any web browser
· Microsoft Visual C++ 2007
· Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
· Microsoft VC++ 2008 / 2010
· Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 / 2010
· Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express
· Macromedia Flash

System Requirements For Mgosoft JPEG To PDF SDK:

Intel i5-4690 or AMD equivalent (Sandy Bridge or newer) processor
NVIDIA GT 6xx or AMD HD 4xxx graphics with 3GB RAM
Windows 7 or later
DirectX 11 (2009) or newer
Support for high-definition textures and shadows on a GeForce GTX 6xx or AMD Radeon HD 4xxx graphics card
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