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Step by step video tutorial on How to use 16.6 version of OrCAD to send a design to PCB Manufacturer. We have a PCB design for you.
Ok so we are using OrCAD 15.6 for this tutorial.
*Plug in your Design file.*
1.It will ask where the board or single file is.
*OrCAD should start so pick the board you want to send to your PCB Manufacturer.*
2.Now choose the single file to send to your PCB Manufacturer.
*It will open automatically in OrCAD and will ask you to enter the assembly information.*
3.Input the Assembly Information.
4.Save the design by clicking the ‘Close Without Saving’ button in the top right corner.
*The Design will now be Saved to your PC.*
5.Now click the ‘Open from File Explorer’ button in the top right corner.*
6.It will open OrCAD in a Folder. Just right-click it and click ‘Open’.*
7.Paste the file in ‘Design Files’ into the opened window.*
8.Click the ‘Open’ button to continue.*
9.You should now see your project in the ‘Design’ tab.
10.Click the ‘Print’ button to send the board to your PCB manufacturer.
*When the file is printed, it will be added to the “Project Info”.*
11.Click ‘Close’ to close the project and continue to the next step.
12.Open the ‘Print’ dialog box with the newly opened project.
*It will list all the files which need to be sent to your PCB manufacturer.*
13.Choose the files and hit ‘Send’.*
14.You can now see that the project is sent to the ‘Print’ folder.*
15.Now copy all the files in the ‘Print’ folder and paste it into the ‘Design’ folder.
16.From here on out, just continue on with the tutorial as it is in the video.
*I hope you like the tutorial. Please give me feedback on any problems you see and which parts you like and which ones don’t. Thank you.*

New functions and features will be added to the new version of ORCAD, version 16.6. Find out how they will make life easier for you.
We have a step by step video tutorial.
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