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Creating presentations is one of the most common uses for computers today, more-so since powerful projectors can be employed to ensure no details are lost. Although not a slideshow generator, Side Mirror allows its users to extend their display to multiple monitors, thus effectively controlling multiple views from a single computer.
Extend the view by using multiple displays
It should be noted that the program does not simply duplicate any one desktop view and nor does it extend the monitor in the conventional method. It differentiates itself by allowing users to keep one monitor focused on local tasks – e.g. presentation notes, while the additional view is centered on the actual slideshow that the audience sees.
Although this approach is not revolutionary by any means, it does provide a significantly improved solution over either of the two conventional actions, which are still widely employed in various venues.
Easily switch between the devices used
The program features a highly intuitive and simple layout, which allows newcomers to benefit from it with just a few mouse clicks. These things being said, the secondary display has to be properly configured in the host OS before any extension can be performed.
Very few settings can be adjusted, although one can change the FPS value, as well as choose from multiple secondary displays from a dropdown menu. An 'always on top' function can also be employed to ensure distractions do not occur during presentations.
On the whole, a simple utility for multi-monitor setups
To conclude, Side Mirror is a viable option for users who regularly employ multiple displays during presentations or similar activities. It allows its users to extend the view with a single mouse click, as well as change between devices with similar ease.


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With Side Mirror, you can extend your view to multiple monitors simultaneously. The application was designed to allow users to extend their desktop from one monitor to an entire display configuration, quickly and with ease.
After installation, you will need to name the displays you intend to use. To do so, click the New icon and choose More > Create New Display. In the Name of Display dialog box, enter the name of the display you wish to use.
Side Mirror includes a setup wizard that guides you through the process of installing and configuring Side Mirror. However, you must watch all the screens the wizard displays. Furthermore, the wizard does not install a shortcut to Side Mirror in the Windows Start Menu.
What’s New?
* New interface and preferences window
* Functionality added to eicar test for error correction
* Minor UI changes
* General code improvements
What’s New In Version
* New UI
* Added functionality for multiple monitors
* Added eicar test for error correction to help those using a TFT monitor with an out of box OS
* Fixed a few “bugs”
* Improved performance
* Improved error reporting
* Got rid of the “skip to parent” bug…

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Side Mirror [March-2022]

Side Mirror is a Windows program developed by Salvatore Manzo that helps users extend the view of the desktop on their multiple displays. Running in a bit like a slide deck generator, it allows users to create and develop presentations on all their displays at once.
Simply press the F8 key to bring up the program, select the place where the displays are connected, then open up the program, allowing you to select the slideshow you need to create. This slideshow can then be distributed to everyone connected to the main monitor. That said, keep in mind that you will lose control over the slideshow itself after being placed on the secondary displays.
How does it work?
Side Mirror has to be booted on all the displays, which can be done using the ‘Always On Top’ function. After the program is opened, click and drag the dot in the upper left hand corner of the application to drag the ‘lateral’ side windows. To resize one of the windows, simply click on the title bar of the desired view. The ‘Side Mirror’ application is restricted by the program ‘Side View Server for Windows’, which must be installed beforehand on the host computer.
The features available in Side Mirror are as follows:
Create slide decks
You are able to create and adjust slide decks on each of the screens connected to the system. This is an extremely useful feature, as it allows the user to simultaneously share a slideshow to each monitor, while also extending the view to the surrounding screens. This is possible by just creating the slides and automatically distributing them to all monitors.
There is a powerful editor that can help with the creation of such slide shows. Using this editor, you can easily design slides by adjusting the fonts, colors, graphics, and even your text with the built-in fonts.
Always On Top Function
You can set Side Mirror to always be on top of any programs you open, regardless of where they are in the visual space or the order of the application. This is easy to use, especially when you only want to watch the slideshow for a brief period of time.
A range of secondary displays
You can choose from a range of computers. It only takes a few clicks to select the secondary display. This display can be set in a multiple of three so that you can place the slides in the middle, right or left of the primary display.

@plink This is a windows program. It runs in the background so you can use your computer at other times. On the other hand

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Side Mirror is a Mac OS X application that allows users to extend the view to multiple displays. Its objective is to have a single point of control for mutiple desktops while allowing the user to switch between them simply with a single click of the mouse.

Side Mirror Main Features:

Easily swap between views

Simple and intuitive GUI

Built-in slideshow generator for presentations

New features in Mac OS X 10.10

Multiple bug fixes and security improvements

Side Mirror Pricing:

Side Mirror is a free app that can be downloaded from the developer’s website, although some features can be activated if an in-app purchase is made. Among the features are:

PDF Slideshow Generation – this can be used to easily convert any presentation to an actual slide show. The complete program has a built-in PDF slideshow generator, which can easily be accessed from a single toolbar button in Side Mirror.

Projector Setup – allows adjustment of the projection source of the slideshow to be viewed by an external projector.

External Display Control – allows the user to have more than one monitor without interference from a main monitor.

Share Slideshow – allows users to copy the final slideshow to any network drive or FTP server.

Highlight Search – allows users to quickly find specific windows or areas in a desktop.

Built-in Remote Control – allows the user to take control of the slideshow from another computer.

Sharing Slideshow – allows users to automatically distribute the slideshow file to other computers via a network share.

On/Off buttons – allows the user to control the main application from another computer if an external projector is being used.

Remove Overlays – removes any non-essential elements such as task bars or desktop icons to ensure a clutter-free presentation.

Playslide Producer:

Installation and Setup:

After installation, Side Mirror will appear in the ‘Mac Apps’ folder. Launch the program and you will find Side Mirror in the ‘Applications’ folder.

One of the more efficient ways to install Side Mirror is by simply dragging the application file to the Applications folder on your desktop.

Run the program, then, in the main window, select the Slideshow view to be displayed on one of your desktops. Each desktop will have its own mini-viewport, which can be adjusted to different sizes and locations. The final size of each viewport can be seen with the slideshow preview

What’s New in the?

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Side Mirror Theme:

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