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1. CodeGuide 8 is for Java programmers.
2. The “user friendly” interface of CodeGuide 8 is similar to what is used by the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
3. The CodeGuide code editor is based on the X-develop code editor, which is standard for the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
4. The “smart” features of CodeGuide 8 are the same as in the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
5. An overview of CodeGuide 8.
6. A comparison with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
7. A comparison of refactoring with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
8. A refactoring tutorial with the X-develop 1.2 IDE.
9. How to start CodeGuide 8 and how to install it.
10. How to configure CodeGuide 8.
11. How to install and configure the plug-ins.
12. How to add new features.
13. How to extend the IDE’s language services.
14. How to use the GUI designer.
15. How to customize the look and feel of the interface and the code editor.
16. What code you can write.
17. How to write a new language for CodeGuide 8.
18. How to write a plug-in for CodeGuide 8.
19. How to contribute to CodeGuide 8.
20. How to use a website to report bugs and request features.
21. How to contribute to a website.
22. How to report a bug.
23. How to report a feature request.
24. How to run the tests for CodeGuide 8.
25. How to contribute to the IDE.
26. How to contribute to X-develop 1.2.
27. License and Copyright.
28. For licensing and buying information.Q:

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1. Run Scanning the hard disk and scanning the system directories.
2. System protection.
3. User account protection
4. Browser protection
5. Hide the taskbar and all panels.
6. Don’t show warning message.
7. Don’t have a “Close” button on the main window.
8. Don’t show the system information (Disk space, free space, processor, etc.).
9. Don’t appear in the Quick Launch bar.
10. Hide taskbar.
11. Hide the system tray and clock.
12. Hide startup and exit programs.
13. Hide the Control Panel.
14. Open the existing settings of Windows.
15. Open the settings of the browser.
16. Don’t run the Windows Update.
17. Hide the IE shortcuts.
18. Don’t display the news in IE.
19. Don’t display “Settings” in IE.
20. Don’t display the history in IE.
21. Don’t display the favorite items in IE.
22. Don’t display the cookies.
23. Hide the address bar in IE.
24. Hide Favorites, My favorites, Downloads and Recent in IE.
25. Don’t show the options in the shortcut menu.
26. Don’t show the search engine in the browser.
27. Don’t display the language, time, and date in the browser.
28. Don’t display the Add-ons and Plug-ins in the browser.
29. Don’t display the window menu.
30. Don’t display the status bar.
31. Don’t display the status of the documents.
32. Don’t display the status of the IE favorites.
33. Don’t display the status of the IE downloads.
34. Don’t display the status of the IE downloads in the download manager.
35. Don’t display the status of the IE favorites in the download manager.
36. Don’t display the status of the IE favorites in the download manager.
37. Hide the buttons on the toolbar.
38. Hide the tabs.
39. Hide the links on the toolbar.
40. Hide the buttons on the file menu.
41. Hide the Search bar.
42. Hide the toolbar on the taskbar.
43. Don’t show the Favorites in the drop-down menu on the toolbar.
44. Don’t show the location bar in the browser.